Como ser un taxi en Francia

France, is the favorite country for all those couples full of romanticism and wanting to show their mutual love while enjoying the beautiful views offered by the country, has a fairly established taxi service, which is well regulated by standards, which lead to become one of the most expensive services in the country, with a large number of stations and stops available to the public. The price of use for these travel services are generally subject to and established rate, not only by the time, but also by the place where the taxi is located and by the number of kilometers traveled, and the day and the rate can be seen on the taximeter.

French taxis do not have any distinctive color that differentiates them from others, but even so, they are easy to recognize both in the established stops, as well as in the streets, this due to the triangular shaped sign that these have illuminated on top of the cars. Each of the stops, in general, have a blue colored sign with white letters, which indicate the word “Taxi”, making them easy to recognize for foreigners, and that, in general, these are located in the airports and train stations of all the major cities. Only in Paris, it is estimated that around 15,000 vehicles that offer these types of services to the entire population every day during 24 hours.

These taxi services in France, and what the cost of a trip must be, are very well established by the price rates, both day and night, and the amount to be charged for each taxi will be established in accordance to the number of kilometers that are traveled as part of the trip, as well as the number of bags, and the weight of the luggage that go up in the car, the number of people that normally is 3 people per taxi,  and the city in which you are located, having Paris as the city with the most expensive fares in all of France.

The cost of taxi trips, which are taken in the so-called “time slot”, is usually about 0.65 euros per kilometer, during the day and at night it rises to 1 euro per kilometer. For example, if you wanted to take a taxi on the day, and you were located in the center of Paris, and would like to go to Orly Airport, the trip would cost 35 euros. In the same way, on Sundays and holidays, the price rate is increased according to the time and place.

Now, in France there are many taxis drivers some of them registered in taxi companies and other are working with Uber. That is something that is already clear, but there are also many taxi lines, among which are Taxi G7, Aero Taxi and Alpha Taxi, which offer exclusive services, from reservations through phone calls or the website, to private services and tourism through the cities and their most important tourist spots.

Well, at this point maybe you would be thinking that working as a taxi in France is something as easy as simply arriving, having a car and starting to circulate in the streets to take people. If you are on that think that, well, we have bad news for you, it is not as easy as it seems. In order to obtain permission as a French taxi driver, several requirements must be presented and you should approve diver test in order to determine if you are eligible to provide these types of services or not, remember thatwhen you work as a taxi driver you are responsible of the people that are inside your car.

All those people, who wants to be part of the group of French taxi drivers, must take into account that this profession is highly regulated by the authorities, that means, in order to be able to work as taxi driver, it is necessary to be comply with various conditions and have submitted several requirements, among which are:

Do not present any type of conviction or criminal record: such as a temporary conviction for an offense, which was punished with a temporary removal of the driver’s license, for example, driving while intoxicated, in excess speed of more than 50 kilometers an hour, or accidental injuries; or for a final conviction which is caused by driving without a license corresponding to its category.

To present and approve the professional capacity certificate exam: In order to obtain the professional card of taxi drivers in France, the first thing is to take the professional capacity certification exam, which are sessions that are presented from one to five times a year in each vehicular department and to be able to present them, you need to fulfill several requirements such as: To have a driving license of category B, to present a medical certificate by a doctor with a valid license, and to present a copy of the criminal record which shows that you do not contain criminal precedents that are incompatible with the performance of the profession. Then present the documents that are requested in the vehicle office the day of the exam and also made the payment for the presentation of the professional certification exam, which has a total cost of 195 euros, which will allow you to perform the 7 part theoretical tests, which are divided between the regulation of civilians for public transport, Management, Road Safety, French, tourist information, billing knowledge, the use of special equipment and basic English; and the practical test which includes a driving test in a circular circuit which lasts around 20 minutes as minimum.

  • Obtain the professional card: If after having completed all the exams and having passed, it will be issued to the candidate, within the next 3 months a professional card will be delivered, that card will allow you to work as taxi driver, but keep in mind that your card can be revoked by the agent of the vehicular office in case of non-compliance with the rules.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, this profession also requires specific skills which will be the difference that divide between a good service and a bad one, and those skills are: Resistance to stress, having a good sense of orientation for to be able to make a safe and fast trip, to have a lot of patience, to be able to maintain good relations with difficult clients, due these are the ones who can become constant clients in the future, have good communication skills to be able to earn the customer confidence and at the same time, make the trip more entertaining for both the client and the driver, and to have a good flexibility when it comes to uncomfortable or unwanted situations.

If you choose to venture into the world of the VTC or how is known in France tourism vehicles with a driver, one of the greatest platforms where you can offer a transportation service is Uber, whose work philosophy is that everyone can be part of this digital platform if they have the minimum age required to drive and possess the driver’s license issued in this case by the France legislation.

These are the essential requirements, but it is also necessary to have a document proving the current residence, a profile photo and if you are the owner of the vehicle you must present proof of registration, and the papers that certify the insurance. The register in Uber platform can be done digitally through the website or phone application, in addition to reviewing the aforementioned documentation, at the time of the selection of the driver-partners, the criminal background and driving record of the candidate will also be evaluated.If the verification of documents is successful to activate your account you must take the vehicle, which will be the transportation unit to an authorized inspection center, where the all the aspects to be checked will depend on the regulations established by the French government. With this type of service is sought to create employment options more easily and quickly, due the records and requirements are presented online. Uber is a Digital Network of partner drivers that offer their services to anyone who requests it, through mobile applications. In this platform, you can see which drivers are available to perform the service and what are the costs associated with the transportation.

The interaction of the client and the driver are by the use of the platform where the client will establish the travel route, indicating in which site it is located and which is the place of destination with the purpose of establishing the route, its personal data, number of passengers and in this way the driving partner that is available and closer to the place where the client is, will take the service, that way the waiting time is reduced to the minimum. At the same way, the customer through the mobile application will have the basic data of the driver who will perform the service. Many drivers have seen in Uber a practical way to offer mobilization and taxi services, in addition to obtaining a greater profit since in this kind of services do not handle as many regulations as in conventional taxi companies. This has also created a lot of criticism, because the taxi drivers of conventional companies pay taxes to the state for providing their services, while the Uber´s drivers do not have this type, which has also generated that many prefer to work with this platform and not with conventional ones.

Likewise, the demand for conventional taxi services has been affected by the use of a digital platform, since it is easier to request a taxi through a mobile application, where the route, the number of passengers and the time of service are established, and quickly it is indicated to the user that the driver is available, and the waiting time that it will take to the driver do the service and the cost of it. Based on the opinions of many users, the service is considered as a very practical alternative when is needed to request a taxi, in the particular case of a Portuguese tourist that said that: “I request the taxi service from the airport to the hotel where I had my reservation, thanks to Uber application it was very easy way to find an available taxi” later he also explains how was the treatment with the driver and said that was friendly at all times, and the driver help him with his bags and advise him on which places he should meet in Paris

At the time of choose to be a taxi driver, you must study all the regulations and alternatives that exist to offer your services, this will be the key to your work being successful at all times. In addition to the documentation required by law, and have good driving skills, you should also consider customer service as a true professional driver, the best service is not only based in being the one who knows the best routes and access, but also, being the one that provides the clients a good deal when moving from one place to another, you have to be punctual, responsible, respectful and provides advice, this represents the key of a quality service that is the goal of a professional taxi driver, always seek the satisfaction of your clients and in this way you will have a source of stable income that will allow you to improve your quality of life and that of your family. The fact of offering a good customer service is not an easy task, for that reason in some cases is easy to note the difference between a professional taxi driver and one driver who is just entering in this field of work, remember as a taxi driver you not only have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of passengers, but also keep the unit in excellent condition, because this is you work tool now!